Monday, January 30, 2023

Hard Rock Monday - January 30, 2023

Lacuna Coil - Heaven's A Lie
Queensrÿche - Blood of the Levant
Jefferson Starship - Modern Times
Full Devil Jacket - Where Did You Go
Green Day - Having a Blast
Blue Oyster Cult - Dancin' In The Ruins
Van Halen - You Really Got Me
Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
Econoline Crush - You Don't Know What It's Like
Queens Of The Stone Age - Mosquito Song
Doro - Raise Your Fist In The Air
Pantera - Cemetery Gates
Heart - Rock Deep (Vancouver)
Bryan Adams - Can't Stop This Thing We Started
Pearl Jam - Comes Then Goes
Chris Cornell - Jump Into The Fire
Lita Ford - Patriotic SOB
Ozzy Osbourne - Lightning Strikes
Collective Soul - General Attitude
Faith No More - We Care A Lot
Evanescence - My Last Breath
Bad Company - Bad Company
Alice In Chains - Died
Guns N' Roses - I Used To Love Her
Damn Yankees - Come Again
Foghat - Third Time Lucky (First Time I Was A Fool)
Soundgarden - Entering
Dio - This Is Your Life
Silverchair - Miss You Love
Courtney Love - Miss Narcissist
Mother Love Bone - Man Of Golden Words
Bruce Dickinson - Chemical Wedding
Fuel - Bad Day
Extreme - Get The Funk Out
Deep Purple - King Of Dreams
Fireflight - Unbreakable
Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil
Journey - After The Fall
The Pretty Reckless - Take Me Down
Liv Warfield - Put You Down
Helloween - I Want Out
Dokken - It's Not Love
Metallica - Screaming Suicide
Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)
Duff McKagan's Loaded - Sleaze Factory
Treble Charger - Brand New Low
Jerry Cantrell - She Was My Girl
Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
Foreigner - Cold As Ice
Anthrax - Only
Van Halen - Hot For Teacher
Def Leppard - Promises
Foo Fighters - Outside
Pat Benatar - Take It Any Way You Want It
REO Speedwagon - I Needed To Fall
Bon Jovi - This Ain't A Love Song
Brother Cane - And Fools Shine On
Black Sabbath - TV Crimes
The Offspring - Feelings
Kiss - War Machine
W.A.S.P. - Hold On To My Heart
Train - Ordinary
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Motley Crue - Merry Go Round
Lacuna Coil - Spellbound
Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels
Blue Oyster Cult - You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)
Nirvana - Very Ape
Savatage - Gutter Ballet
Ratt - Eat Me Up Alive

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