Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Book Club: Greatest Discoveries - February 1, 2024

Harry Styles
The Beatles - Dear Prudence
Harry Styles - Ever Since New York
Queens Of The Stone Age - Smooth Sailing
Alice In Chains - Love, Hate, Love
The Tragically Hip - 38 Years Old
One Direction - What A Feeling
The Cranberries - Desperate Andy
Motörhead - Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me
Cry Of Love - Peace Pipe
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Goodbye Hooray
The Moffatts - Just Another Phase
Ann & Nancy Wilson - Momma Why
Voice Of The Beehive - Scary Kisses
Aerosmith - Lightning Strikes
Alkaline Trio - Private Eye
Aaliyah - I Refuse
Better Than Ezra - Absolutely Still
Kate Bush - And So Is Love
PJ Harvey - Sheela-Na-Gig
Ambrosia - How Can You Love Me
Darren Hayes - Crush (1980 Me)
Failure - Another Space Song
Chicago - Street Player
LeAnn Rimes - The Story
Pearl Jam - Just A Girl
Paul Westerberg - World Class Fad
Fleetwood Mac - Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
Yellowcard - Light Up The Sky
James Taylor - Honey Don't Leave L.A.
David Bowie - Queen Bitch
Susan Jacks - Build A Tower
Patti Smith - Gloria
Lisa Loeb - Taffy
Don Henley - You Don't Know Me At All
Sloan - The Good in Everyone
Rival Sons - Until the Sun Comes
Jacksoul - Still Believe In Love
Queen Latifah - Latifah's Had It Up 2 Here
Harry Styles - She
Rick Ross feat. Ne-Yo - Super High
George Michael & Mary J. Blige - As
Present - Easy
Yo-Yo - The Bonnie And Clyde Theme (feat. Ice Cube)
The Cranberries - Delilah
Motörhead - Iron Fist
Stevie Salas - Soul Ecstasy
Spacehog - Mungo City
Silverchair - Shade
Green Day - Burnout
Catherine Wheel - Shallow
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
Danzig - Come To Silver
Glass Tiger - I'm Still Searching
Dodgy - In A Room
Linkin Park - Don't Stay
Breaking Benjamin - Sooner Or Later
Fuel - Won't Back Down (Bring You Hell)
Olivia Rodrigo - all-american bitch
Samantha Mumba - Always Come Back To Your Love
Boz Scaggs - Breakdown Dead Ahead
Gin Blossoms - Mrs. Rita
Kiss - Sure Know Something
Chicago - What You're Missing
Aerosmith - Angel's Eye
Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary
Grand National - Had It In My Head
Foo Fighters - Alone + Easy Target
Live - Deep Enough
The Offspring - Smash It Up
Guns N' Roses - Right Next Door To Hell
The Wallflowers - Heroes
The Beatles - Glass Onion
Jennifer Trynin - Better Than Nothing

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