Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Announcement regarding song requests

Hey everyone, 

It's been awhile since I posted an announcement on here, but after months and months of trying to fix this issue, we have decided to unfortunately temporarily disable the request system.

M4B Radio is for everyone, and I welcome people using the request system. What I DON'T welcome, however, is putting "M4B Radio" as your name. Use your real name, a nickname, even a joke name for all I care, but when I constantly have to see "requested by M4B Radio", it's not a good look because it looks like either a) a bot constantly requesting songs or, b) me messing with the system, and neither are happening here. It's getting abusive and I don't appreciate something that is supposed to be fun for everyone getting taken advantage of.

This isn't goodbye - the request system will eventually come back when this blows over. But it won't be for awhile. Thanks, "M4B Radio", now you can go find another place to hear "This Is Me" by Dream multiple times a day.

- Jessica

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