Monday, November 9, 2020

Music Madness: Bryan's Top 40 Artists - November 9, 2020

Elton John, the 13th most played artist on Bryan's, won tonight's Music Madness.

Listen to tonight's show here!

GROUP 1: Kate Voegele (played Only Fooling Myself)
GROUP 2: Kelly Clarkson (played Dark Side)
GROUP 3: Taylor Swift (played You Need To Calm Down)
GROUP 4: Janet Jackson (played That's The Way Love Goes)
GROUP 5: Christina Aguilera (played Hurt)
GROUP 6: Celine Dion (played Because You Loved Me)
GROUP 7: Britney Spears (played Baby One More Time)
GROUP 8: Rob Thomas (played This Is How A Heart Breaks)
GROUP 9: Lady Gaga (played Poker Face)
GROUP 10: Daughtry (played What About Now)
GROUP 11: Simple Plan (played Problem Child)
GROUP 12: Madonna (played Take A Bow)
GROUP 13: Elton John (played (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again)
GROUP 14: Bon Jovi (played We Weren't Born To Follow)
GROUP 15: Bryan Adams (played Summer Of '69)
GROUP 16: Pink (played Sober)
GROUP 17: Kylie Minogue (played Timebomb)
GROUP 18: Michelle Branch (played Are You Happy Now)
GROUP 19: Goo Goo Dolls (played Iris)
GROUP 20: Green Day (played Bang Bang)

The groups were decided by pairing up 1 and 2, 3 and 4, until settling on 10 groups. A different song was played on the show to represent their victories.

GROUP 1: Kelly Clarkson (played Already Gone)
GROUP 2: Janet Jackson (played Together Again)
GROUP 3: Christina Aguilera (played Beautiful)
GROUP 4: Britney Spears (played If U Seek Amy)
GROUP 5: Lady Gaga (played Telephone)
GROUP 6: Madonna (played Crazy For You)
GROUP 7: Elton John (played Believe)
GROUP 8: Bryan Adams (played Run To You)
GROUP 9: Michelle Branch (played All You Wanted)
GROUP 10: Green Day (played When I Come Around)

The groups were decided by inverting the previous round's winners.

GROUP 5: Madonna (played Music)
GROUP 4: Elton John (played Mama Can't Buy You Love)
GROUP 3: Bryan Adams (played Everything I Do (I Do It For You))
GROUP 2: Michelle Branch (played Breathe)
GROUP 1: Kelly Clarkson (played What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger))

Break song before the winner reveal: Kate Voegele - 99 Times / Must Be Summertime

Elton John (played Your Song)

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