Saturday, May 1, 2021

Station adds: May 2021

Alice In Chains
Alanis Morissette    I Miss the Band
Alice In Chains    Pretty Done
Alice In Chains    Stone
Alice In Chains    The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Alice In Chains    Lab Monkey
Alice In Chains    Low Ceiling
Alice In Chains    Breath On A Window
Alice In Chains    Scalpel
Alice in Chains    Phantom Limb
Alice In Chains    Hung On A Hook
Alice In Chains    Choke
Alice In Chains    Whale & Wasp
Alice In Chains    Swing On This
Alice In Chains    Killing Yourself
Ann Wilson    Black Wing
The Beatles    The Fool On The Hill
Big Country    The One I Love
Busta Rhymes feat. Mariah Carey    Where I Belong
Catherine Wheel    Kill Rhythm
Citizen    Death Dance Approximately
Dua Lipa    If It Ain’t Me
Green Day    Here Comes The Shock
HAIM    3 AM (feat. Thundercat)
Jerry Cantrell    Owned
Jerry Cantrell    Pro False Idol
Jerry Cantrell    Feel the Void
Jerry Cantrell    What It Takes
Jerry Cantrell    Dying Inside
Jerry Cantrell    Siddhartha
Jerry Cantrell    Pig Charmer
Jerry Cantrell    S.O.S.
Jerry Cantrell    Thanks Anyway
Jerry Cantrell    I've Seen All This World I Care To See
JessieLou    Identity Crisis
Lush    Hypocrite
Matchbox 20    Rest Stop
Muse    Hysteria
Odds    Satisfied
Our Lady Peace    Clumsy
Rina Sawayama    Chosen Family (with Elton John)
Rise Against    Satellite
Soundgarden    Toy Box
Taylor Swift    Mr. Perfectly Fine
Them Crooked Vultures    Mind Eraser, No Chaser
Treble Charger    Don't Believe it All
Van Halen    Fools
World Party    Ship Of Fools

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