Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Book Club - "Love Is Blind" by JessieLou (May 1, 2022)

Tonight DJ Julian discovered DJ Jessica's new album "Love Is Blind" and the two of us plus the album's producer DJ Kim discussed it.
Listen to tonight's show here!

JessieLou - My Opinion
JessieLou - 1000 Miles Away
JessieLou - Jealousy
JessieLou - Brooklyn Boy
JessieLou - Stripped
JessieLou - Don't Talk To Me On Sunday
JessieLou - 02.05.2011
JessieLou - I Wish I Was Beautiful
JessieLou - Two Of Us
JessieLou - Trophy
JessieLou - The Breakup/The Aftermath
JessieLou - Karma Is A...
JessieLou - The Sense Of Worth
JessieLou - Identity Crisis

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