Friday, September 3, 2021

"I'm The Producer" - How Pipa Saved Pop Music

"I'm The Producer" - How Pipa Saved Pop Music
by DJ Kim (M4B Radio Top 40)
Pipa's "Jerry Mode" was a huge M4B Radio hit this summer.
There was a time not so long ago, where the goal of a pop music producer was to create music filled with lush production and unique elements. In recent years, the trend has subverted itself to the point where if you aren't listening to a pop song in a car speaker full of bass, the instruments are nearly non-existent. 

Enter Pipa.

Not only has M4BCC's own Pipa found success on the Globalchart, he's done so with three singles charting at once. Only Ariana Grande could be more profilic, but in his defence, at least those three songs are actually unique from each other. The biggest hit of the summer is JessieLou's "Identity Crisis", an upbeat pop-rocker that recounts JessieLou's real life experiences discovering who she is. Peaking in the top 20 on the Globalchart, it is JessieLou's first non-parody single and her most successful.

Not to be outdone, Pipa immediately followed it with two more singles. Most artists would be accused of "King Princessing" -- the act of releasing too many singles at once. But being a user artist in a time when such a thing is few and far between, has given Pipa the upper edge. Entering the top 70 of the Globalchart this week is Pipa's "Jerry Mode", a self-released ode to JessieLou's newfound appreciation and obsession of Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell. (P.S. Did you know he has a new album coming out?)

Finally, M4BCC member Julian makes his artist debut with "James Charles Is At Again", a campy house-influenced pop tune that references controversial YouTube makeup artist James Charles. Upbeat and memorable, Julian plans to release more serious singles down the road.

Not only is Julian soon to enter the top 100 of the Globalchart, but all three songs have hit the top 10 of JessieLou's Top 40 -- at once! It's a rare accomplishment for anyone who isn't Chris Cornell or Garbage. And Pipa still has no plans of slowing down. With the recent release of JessieLou's new single "Let's Pretend There's No Pandemic", it's clear to see how he is quickly becoming the hottest producer of the summer, and saving us all from the bland monotony that the radio charts would provide us otherwise.

What's his secret? "I'm the producer", he replies. "Everything that I say goes."

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