Sunday, September 5, 2021

The M4B Radio 200

In September 2020, when Rolling Stone published an updated version of its 500 greatest albums of all time list - dramatically different from its 2003 and 2012 versions, reflecting greater emphasis on current pop and hip hop music than previously - M4B Radio's DJs had strong feelings. As a counterpoint, I proposed the DJs look through their record collections and pick their 200 favorites for an all time retrospective reflective of the DJs' collective interests. Four of the station's five current DJs submitted lists before deadline, and their lists were compiled into the M4B Radio 200, which will be counted down in a two-week, eight-part documentary-style miniseries on M4B Radio.

Each album will be profiled with a brief backstory on its music and its influence, including commentary from the DJs and clips of artist interviews and M4B Radio's shows. The retrospective ranking promises to diverge dramatically from most music publications' critics' lists, most notably by showcasing 70s/80s album oriented rock and 90s/2000s pop, two eras that tend to get little to no interest from critics despite their popularity with the music listening public.

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