Thursday, April 1, 2021

Station adds: March 2021

Jerry Cantrell
Alanis Morissette    Predator
Alice In Chains    Sludge Factory
Alice In Chains    Head Creeps
Alice In Chains    Nothin' Song
Alice In Chains    Frogs
Alice In Chains    All Secrets Known
Alice In Chains    Last Of My Kind
Alice In Chains    When The Sun Rose Again
Alice In Chains    Acid Bubble
Alice In Chains    Take Her Out
Alice in Chains    Private Hell
Alice In Chains    Sickman
Alice In Chains    Junkhead
Alice In Chains    Dirt
Alice In Chains    God Smack
Alice In Chains    Hate To Feel
Alice In Chains    I Can't Remember
Alice In Chains    Love, Hate, Love
Alice In Chains    Confusion
Alice In Chains    Real Thing
Alice In Chains    Am I Inside
Alice In Chains    The Killer Is Me (Live at the Majestic Theatre, Brooklyn, NY - April 1996)
Avril Lavigne    Nobody's Fool
beabadoobee    Last Day On Earth
The Beatles    Eight Days A Week
Black Sabbath    Slapback
Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak    Leave The Door Open
Fall Out Boy    Saturday
Fergie    Tension
Fleetwood Mac    Monday Morning
Garbage    The Men Who Rule the World
Heavenward    MJ-12
Jerry Cantrell    Settling Down
Jerry Cantrell    Breaks My Back
Jerry Cantrell    Jesus Hands
Jerry Cantrell    Devil By His Side
Jerry Cantrell    Keep The Light On
Jerry Cantrell    Satisfy
Jerry Cantrell    Hurt A Long Time
Jerry Cantrell    Between
Jerry Cantrell    Cold Piece
Jerry Cantrell    Psychotic Break
Jerry Cantrell    Bargain Basement Howard Hughes
Jerry Cantrell    Angel Eyes
Jerry Cantrell    Solitude
Jerry Cantrell    Mother's Spinning in Her Grave (Glass Dick Jones)
Jerry Cantrell    Hellbound
Jerry Cantrell    Give It a Name
Jerry Cantrell    Castaway
Jerry Cantrell    She Was My Girl
Jerry Cantrell    Chemical Tribe
Jerry Cantrell    Spiderbite
Jerry Cantrell    Locked On
Jerry Cantrell    Gone
Jerry Cantrell    Hurts Don't It?
Jerry Cantrell    31/32
Jerry Cantrell    A Job To Do
Jerry Cantrell    Setting Sun
Meg Myers    The Underground
Pale Waves    Easy
Richard Cheese    The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Rina Sawayama    Cherry
Rina Sawayama    Take Me As I Am
Rina Sawayama    Alterlife
Rina Sawayama    Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
Rina Sawayama    Dynasty
Rina Sawayama    Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)
Rina Sawayama    Love Me 4 Me
Rina Sawayama    Who's Gonna Save U Now?
Rina Sawayama    Tokyo Love Hotel
Rina Sawayama    Chosen Family
Rina Sawayama    Where U Are
Sydney Sprague    object permanence
Taylor Swift    You All Over Me (feat. Maren Morris)

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