Friday, January 1, 2021

Station adds - December 2020

Chris Cornell
Happy New Year from M4B Radio! Here's to a way better year than whatever the hell 2020 was.

These songs were added to the M4B Radio library during the month of December 2020: 

Alice In Chains    Black Gives Way To Blue
Alice In Chains    It Ain't Like That
Alice In Chains    Put You Down
Alien Ant Farm    Good (For A Woman)
American Hi-Fi    Vertigo
Angela Ammons    Always Getting Over You
Ann Wilson    Rooster
Audioslave    Drown Me Slowly
Audioslave    Heaven's Dead
Audioslave    The Worm
Audioslave    Man Or Animal
Audioslave    Yesterday To Tomorrow
Audioslave    Dandelion
Audioslave    #1 Zero
Audioslave    The Curse
Audioslave    One And The Same
Audioslave    Sound Of A Gun
Audioslave    Until We Fall
Audioslave    Broken City
Audioslave    Somedays
Audioslave    Jewel Of The Summertime
Audioslave    Wide Awake
Audioslave    Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye
Audioslave    Moth
Bic Runga    Sway
Blink-182    Every Time I Look For You
Britney Spears    Swimming In The Stars
Britney Spears & Backstreet Boys    Matches
Chris Cornell    Poison Eye
Chris Cornell    Safe and Sound
Chris Cornell    She'll Never Be Your Man
Chris Cornell    Ghosts
Chris Cornell    Killing Birds
Chris Cornell    Scar On The Sky
Chris Cornell    Your Soul Today
Chris Cornell    Finally Forever
Chris Cornell    Silence The Voices
Chris Cornell    Disappearing Act
Chris Cornell    Dead Wishes
Chris Cornell    Worried Moon
Chris Cornell    Before We Disappear
Chris Cornell    Through The Window
Chris Cornell    Josephine
Chris Cornell    Murderer Of Blue Skies
Chris Cornell    Higher Truth
Chris Cornell    Let Your Eyes Wander
Chris Cornell    Only These Words
Chris Cornell    Circling
Chris Cornell    Our Time In The Universe
Chris Cornell    Bend In The Road
Chris Cornell    Wrong Side
Chris Cornell    Misery Chain
Chris Cornell    Get It While You Can
Chris Cornell    Jump Into The Fire
Chris Cornell    Sad Sad City
Chris Cornell    Nothing Compares 2 U
Chris Cornell    Watching The Wheels
Chris Cornell    You Don’t Know Nothing About Love
Chris Cornell    Showdown
Chris Cornell    To Be Treated Rite
Chris Cornell    Stay With Me Baby
Daft Punk    Around the World
Dishwalla    Find Your Way Back Home
Evanescence    Yeah Right
Fenix TX    Phoebe Cates
Goldfinger    Vintage Queen
Green Day    Scumbag
Guns N' Roses    Since I Don't Have You
Gwen Stefani    Let Me Reintroduce Myself
JessieLou    This App Sucks (Delete!)
Lily Cornell Silver    Black Gives Way To Blue
Liv Warfield    Put You Down
Mammoth WVH    Distance
Mother Love Bone    Stargazer
Natural Mystery Museum    Sixes & Sevens
Nighttime Boogie Association    The Path We're On
Pale Waves    She's My Religion
Sugar Ray    Glory
Super Transatlantic    Super Down
Taylor Swift    willow
Taylor Swift    no body, no crime (feat. HAIM)
Teenage Wrist    Taste Of Gasoline
Third Eye Blind    New Girl

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